Episode 63 - Cirque Us, a new American circus collective

May 24, 2018, 05:11 PM

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | RSS | Audioboom On today's episode Josh and Lyndsay recount their two-show day starting with a Frozen on Broadway matinee and followed by a Bindlestiff Family Circus Cabaret in the evening. They also chat about Cirque Du Soleil's transition from New York to Hamburg, Germany and the new Gowanus location of the local circus training space The Muse. Later in the episode they sit down for an interview with four members of Cirque Us, a new troupe touring New England and New York State all summer long. If you enjoy today's episode please rate us on iTunes and share the episode with your best friend. Have a great week! [16:26] Meeting at Circus Smirkus and what they took away from the experience[22:36] Life after aging out of the program[27:57] How Cirque Us was created and it's first year of touring[36:51] On this year's creation, Starstruck[40:45] Youth circus on the East and West Coast compared