Save Green AJHR2852

Feb 27, 2012, 11:10 PM

Announcer: A.J. Perri

Female Vox: Can you help me pretty please, you’re my best shot?  My Furnace ain’t heatin’ and it’s so cold.  Get here on the double, I don’t know what to do.  I’m in a heap of trouble and I’m counting on you.  Can I count on you?

Announcer:  Of course you can.  If you’re tired of wasting time and waiting around all day for a furnace repair guy give AJ Perri a call.  We’ll be right over and we guarantee your comfort today.  And if what you need is a new system, 

Now’s the Time to Save Green. With combined savings from CoolCash, recycling and utility rebates you’ll save up to thirty three hundred dollars off a new Carrier heating and cooling system. Plus, get special financing and you’re your new system installed with no money down. Turn to the experts at AJ Perri call (800) 554-1827 or go to AJ

Female Vox: I Love Those Guys! With music jingle

Announcer: Thanks for calling AJ Perri

Female Vox: I love those guys! (No Dial Tone to Close) #Carrier #comfort #furnace #heating #HVAC