ReWatchable Episode #266: 'Angel' 5x19 and 5x20 - Illyria and the Immortal

May 30, 2018, 06:06 PM

Join ReWatchable as we get closer to the end with our discussion of Angel 5×19, “Time Bomb,” and 5×20, “The Girl in Question.”

Superfan: Karen and Natalie

Newbies: Ariana and Kristen

Fun Facts:

Kristen binged The Bold Type this week and blew up Karen’s Twitter mentions. Natalie enjoyed “The Girl in Question” more than ever due to her having actually been to Rome, now. Ariana watched the trailer for the Charmed reboot and is really excited. Karen’s first big city trip was to Rome, and it might have been a little rough at first.

Angel season 5, episode 19, “Time Bomb”:


-Gunn is rescued by Illyria and now Angel “owes her one.”

-There is a leak of some timey wimey stuff that is causing Illyria to short circuit, and will eventually explode.

-In the first timeline, Illyria dusts Spike… and then everyone else. Were the newbies concerned for him?

-If they would have killed Illyria after all this build up, it would have felt anti-climactic.

-Illyria is the oldest character in the Buffy-verse.

-Wes lies to Angel about what the weapon would do to Illyria.

-We know why Wes is still attached to Illyria, but how does Illyria feel about Wes?

-She seems to want to make him feel better, i.e. rescuing Gunn.

-The end of this episode feels so off as Angel agrees to sign off on that woman’s child becoming a demon sacrifice later in life.

-We have a lot of thoughts about Angel’s true motivations. Is this totally guilt driven, or is there an altruistic streak in him?

-Favorite Scenes

-Favorite Lines

-Fun fact: The pregnant lady in this episode is David Boreanaz’s real world wife!

Angel season 5, episode 20, “The Girl in Question”:


-Andrew may have been supposed to be Dawn in this episode. That makes a lot of sense.

-An episode all about Buffy, but we never actually see her.

-#Readthecomics totally comes into play here, but we’ll get into that more once the season is over.

-Illyria totally taps into Fred’s memories and pretends to be her while Fred’s parents visit.

-No matter your feelings about Illyria, Amy Acker is phenomenal in this episode.

-Is Illyria a better match for Wes than Fred would have been?

-Time to go to Italy!

-Does Buffy know Spike is alive?

-We have issues with doing an episode about Buffy where we never actually see her.

-Flashbacks show a time where Spike and Angel were actually friendly. And we liked it!

-Wolfram & Hart, Italian edition with a lovely director.

-No demon war! Yay!

-Favorite Scenes

-Favorite Lines

Listener Feedback:

-All the love for Mitch and his musings.

Brittany’s Brainstorms/Mitch’s Musings:

–Angel season 5, episode 21, “Power Play”

–Angel season 5, episode 22, “Not Fade Away”

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