(Part 2) RAMA 71/72 (X2 B-1B) AR-20 Refueling Audio (02/27/2012)

Feb 28, 2012, 06:04 AM

(Note, the above audio only contains about 70% of the total transmissions that were relayed during the refueling mission.)

Between 1505Z and 1600Z, RAMA 71 and 72, a pair of B-1B bombers out of KDYS, were refueled in AR-20 over Nova Scotia. The refueling tankers were as follows:

ETHYL BRAVO 1 (#59-1488, ME ANG/101 ARW), ETHYL BRAVO 2 (#61-0310, NH ANG/133 ARS), and ETHYL BRAVO 3 (#58-0112, PA ANG/171 ARW)

RAMA 71 had a tail number of #86-0109 and RAMA 72's tail number was not heard, although it was indeed relayed at some point during the mission.

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