IOE #16: Rob Moore - celebrating failure, podcasting, positive self talk and more

Jun 11, 2018, 01:00 PM

In this episode of Inside Out Empowerment host Joshua Nussbaum sits down with fellow podcaster Rob Moore. Rob is a well-known podcaster as the host of “The Disruptive Entrepreneur” podcast, as well as a best selling author & Guinness Record holder for longest speech marathon. During their time together Rob & Joshua discuss their current projects, including podcasting, reviewing it’s uniqueness as a long-term asset as well as how it allows you to communicate freely & speak to the needs of your audience. They review how it has been a platform to help them gain success & grow their influence. Rob also makes time to discuss what he sees as the need for entrepreneurs to celebrate their failures as they are a way to remember that you took the chance to try where others have not. The two also discuss how to overcome the fear of failure, the priority of learning from your journey & the art of self-talking through challenges as an entrepreneur. You do not want to miss this intriguing conversation.

Summary of take aways

Podcasting is the media that will explode. Loves being able to podcast because of the exposure to different people and being able to talk freely, be yourself, and talk about whatever you want to. People fear being judged and what others think about you. If you didn't care about what others thought about you, you would take more risks. You will make mistakes along the way but that is how you learn and grow.

Notable Questions/Lessons with time stamps

-Look for the things that impress you about someone and that's what they'll show you (9:24)

-Podcasting sets you up to see the greatness in other people (10:52)

-What is the one thing holding people back from success or trying at and failing at in regards to success? What are you seeing that is the number one barrier that people are needing to overcome or doing wrong and needing to shift or omit between them and kicking ass at whatever they're doing? (15:35)

-Is it the fear of failure? (15:57)

-If we can balance caring about people and helping people but not too much caring about what they say or judge about us, doing our thing that is right and not fearing the mistakes but embracing them. (18:17)

-If you are dyslexic or have some other label and people say you aren't "normal", you should not own that. That shame of not fitting in is the drive that can build a million dollar company. (20:18)

  • If you solve a problem, your reward for solving the problem is a bigger one. You are big enough to take on more of them now. (28:42)

-There is no podcasting school. You learn by just doing it. (34:35)

-You reward yourself with the mistakes you make along with the wins. (37:48)

-You might fail a lot but you, yourself are not a failure. (39:14)

-The more little failures you have, the more successful you will be. (39:32)

-Try and find people that have succeeded in some way in the thing that you want to do (41:49)

-Find people that are successful and follow them, model that successful trait and get comfortably, uncomfortable (44:55)

-Patience vs. Persistence (47:34)

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