ReWatchable Episode #268: 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' movie, comics - Is That a Euphemism?

Jun 13, 2018, 11:55 PM

Join ReWatchable for a discussion about Buffy the Vampire Slayer the movie, as well as the Buffy and Angel comics.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer the movie:

-Mitch has no idea what happened in this movie

-But that’s okay! Danielle, Caitlin, Maj, and Karen watched it for him.

-You can really see the basis of the show in this movie.

-But the show was a definite step up.

-Her uterus can sense vampires? Really? REALLY?

-This was Joss’ first movie but it really didn’t go well for him.

-How much can we blame on Joss and how much can we blame on the studio?

-How was Kristy Swanson compared to Sarah Michelle Gellar?

-Come for Lothos, stay for Amilyn.

-How does Pike match up to characters in the show? What about Benny?

-Merrick is totally Giles. But creepier.

-Is Donald Sutherland still a dick?

-We go through some of the other cameos in this movie.

-Would we recommend this to anyone?

-Favorite scenes

-Favorite lines

Buffy and Angel comics:

-Natalie gives Mitch and Karen the lowdown on what happens in the comics.

-Here’s everything that’s canon.

-And here’s the entire chronology of the Buffyverse.

-We start off with Angel: After the Fall and what happens to our favorite pancakes.

-We’re sad about Gunn.

–Buffy season 8 is up next and it reveals that the show TOTALLY LIED TO US.

-Then we walk through the next three seasons of Buffy.

-Natalie still thinks Willow is the worst.

-Dander is a thing and it is Not Good.

-Angel gets weird and we’re not here for it.

-Giles must be put back together with magic and guilt.


-In an upcoming arc, Buffy has a kid. Ugh.

-Is this all wish fulfillment?

-Is there anything we actually would’ve liked to have seen on screen?

Listener Feedback:

-We’re saving this for next week for our wrap-up episode!

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