Bigotry on Parade Edition

Episode 278,   Jun 14, 2018, 11:00 AM

In this week’s episode, Christian hardware store owners are pretty sure America just got great again, Coach Dave finds a gay Muslim fetus on the playground and pulls its hair, and the Bible will be here to begat ‘er done!

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Tennessee Hardware Store Owner Puts Up “No Gays Allowed” Sign:

Christian Teacher Quits Because He Refuses to Call Trans Students By Their Names

Christian Parents Who Used Jesus As Their Lawyer Lose Baby Custody Trial

Christians Are Mad Because This Giant Marilyn Monroe Statue Is Mooning a Church:

Mike Pence to address Southern Baptist convention:

CrossFit Fired Its Spokesman—a Christian Pastor—For Saying LGBT Pride is a “Sin”

Mark Taylor: Hurricanes will be created to suppress pro-Trump vote:

Coach Dave organizing bigots for big protest of Islam, abortion, and gay pride: