Episode 56 - John and Veronica Avila of El Burro & The Bull

Jun 21, 2018, 11:00 AM

On today's episode of What's Eric Eating, Eric is joined by restaurant consultant Nathan Ketcham for the final time before Nathan heads off to Seattle for a year. Normally the guys discuss the latest news from the Houston restaurant and bar scene but first Eric and Nathan react to the passing of Anthony Bourdain and his influence not only restaurants/food but on them personally. The guys also discuss Goodnight Hospitality's big new 3 concept project heading to the Montrose area, the opening of Brian Ching's Pitch 25, and much more. In the Restaurants of the Week portion Eric and Nathan discuss Robard's and Dream Tacos.

In the Guest of the Week section, brought to you by 8th Wonder Brewery, Eric is joined by John and Veronica Avila of El Burro & The Bull and Henderson and Kane General Store. Eric, John, and Veronica discuss how the two met, how John got into the Austin, ending up at Franklin's BBQ, coming back to Houston, being in the Conservatory, being the last original concpet left from the opening of the Conservatory, the future of El Burro & The Bull, the possibility of opening a brick & mortar, the idea for the Henderson and Kane General Store, the response to the store so far, the planning of their new bakery concept heading to the east end, and when we can expect to see this new project.

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