The Reset Rebel meets Tom Middleton

Jun 22, 2018, 07:05 PM

This week after a chance encounter at the IMS last month, we meet Sleep Scientist Tom Middleton.

You may also know Tom as British Record producer, but the man has many strings to his bow these days as he is also a sound architect - a psychoacoustic sound designer, an electronic neoclassical composer, and most recently, a trained Sleep science coach.

Perhaps all of those titles confuse you deeply, but all you do need to know is that in todays podcast we are going to be hearing all about how to access that deep, dreamy sleep that makes you feel like a million dollars and some of the music from Toms Sleep Better album he produced specifically to help people do exactly that.

Tom was also a coach on the recent Remedy state Retreat in ibiza and you can find this record on Spotify.

Get in touch on for your copy and also his pdf on tips for top sleep. Sigh.