Episode 06: Chronic Illness (the John & Yoko special)

Jul 01, 2018, 11:09 AM

In a change to the planned episode, today's is a recumbent bedcast, because we can.

I always planned to have my wife Pamela as a regular guest on the podcast as there is much we can discuss together in the arena; in particular it's a privilege to have her talk about her experience with MS and mental health.

Great fun doing this episode! I think we'll record more joint podcasts in the future, I hope that you find some common ground in this one, even if MS ins't specific to you. 

Sound levels peak a bit at the start, apologies for that - they settle down a few minutes in. 

Links as mentioned:

The Mighty  - in particular articles here and here for starters
MS Society

Thanks again and #keeptalking

Simon (& Pamela!)