Episode 132 - Joe Pera Talks about 'Joe Pera Talks About'

Jul 06, 2018, 07:25 PM

Tim and Joe Pera talk about the Buffalo Bills, low-key comedy, and of course the show "Joe Pera Talks With You" on Adult Swim.

Plus: the rich, sturdy culture of the folks in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It's much colder in the U.P. than it is in Buffalo and both areas get a great deal of lake effect snow.

Tim asks Joe about comedy influences, watching 80s comedy classics with his dad, growing tomatoes, sharing tomatoes on Instagram and gardening with their Grandpas. Adult Swim went to bat for him to get Baba O Reilly, Tim on calling 80s DJs, seeing fireworks in Buffalo, NY on the 4th of July, campfire apples vs. warmed (or baked) apples and fig trees.

Joe Pera on the Buffalo Bills


Joe Pera Talks With You - Adult Smith


Joe Pera Talks With You About Iron


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