IOE #18: Amy Pamensky - Nourish your body, Follow your heart

Episode 18,   Jul 09, 2018, 01:00 PM

Joshua Nussbaum sits down with Amy Pamensky, a respected writer, Eating Psychology Coach & Holistic Nutritionist to discuss the importance of changing our relationships with food to achieve a healthier body-image, spirituality & mindset.


-Amy’s background

-Understanding the different types of hunger

-Steps to take for how to properly treat your body

-How to feed yourself so you feel energized and ensure your metabolism is working well

-Understanding food sensitivities

  • Techniques to nourish your mind

-Healthy lifestyle tips

-What meditation does for the mind and body


-People have to become uncomfortable in order to make a change because they are so unhappy with how their life is now due to a traumatic incident (8:46)

-You have to get so uncomfortable it makes it the path of least resistance to create radical change (9:46)

-If you are in a rotten place inside, people don’t get the gift that’s you (14:03)

-What are the things that you feel you are doing because you should do them vs. the things you are doing because you love doing them? (20:12)

-If your life is full of things you should do because you want to look a certain way or because you feel like you have to do something, then your life isn’t filled with things you actually enjoy doing (20:38)

-When you first wake up, list three things that you are grateful for followed by 20 mins of meditation (30:41)

-What does somebody do to live a more empowered life? (40:48)

-What is something that someone can do to be more confidently empowered towards their goals? (41:37)