The Reset Rebel meets Illona Pantel - Ayal - fasting Guide Pt 2.

Jul 10, 2018, 11:09 AM

This week our show host Jo Youle re-visits the San Juan casa of our Fasting guide Illona to hear a little more about her three decades on Ibiza hosting Retreats.

The island has changed a lot on the last 30 years and our German born guest gives us the real inside story on her time here, how the island has changed and an insight into the way it has developed in the world of wellness to become the destination it is now for Healing.

Illona also opens up on the plant medicines that the island has to offer, where and how to source the best facilitators and tells us at her horror at how shamanism has become trendy and a spectacle in the islands nightclubs.

Join us this week for a deeper look into the science of fasting and hear Illonads unqiue take on the way the island has transformed and why she moved here more then 30 years ago in the 70's.

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