Episode 65 - Stav Meishar on Circus Jews during WW2

Jul 17, 2018, 06:37 PM

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | RSS | Audioboom   On today's episode, Josh and Lyndsay finally announce the details about their new show in San Diego titled Beyond Babel premiering this September, learn more over at beyondbabelshow.com. They also chat about Miss Behave Gameshow's upcoming engagement in Provincetown, MA (tickets available at onlyatthecrown.com) and their thoughts on the the 2018 tour of Cirque Us. Later they sit down for a chat with Stav Meishar about her research on German Jewish circus families from the 1920's to 1950's, her view on the recent controversy surrounding a circus talk article she published, and where circus criticism and writing aught to head next. If you enjoy today's episode please rate us on Apple Podcasts and share the episode with a friend. Have a great week! [17:16]  Stav's background as an actress and musical theater performer[20:48]  Researching Jewish history in the circus world[35:28]  Circus Jews in Germany during WW2[41:52]  How Stav will use her research to create a new show based on similar themes[50:02]  Stav's contersial article in Circus Talk about the Paris FestivalYou can support Stav's work over at patreon.com/stavmeishar and read her blog at circusjews.weebly.com.