The Play of the Weather by John Heywood

Episode 47,  Feb 12, 2019, 11:43 PM

The Play of the Weather by John Heywood

A Full Cast Audio Adaptation

The god Jupiter opens his doors for people to lobby for the weather that they want – his messenger Merry Report deals with the many people who come to take Jupiter up on his offer. Do you want it to be sunny, windy, rainy, cold or dull? Now's your chance to get the weather you want!

The Cast: Jupiter was played by Heydn McCabe, Merry Report by Robert Crighton, The Gentleman by Geir Madland, the Merchant by Rob Myson, the Ranger by Simon Nader, the Water Miller by Alan Scott, the Wind Miller by Richard Fawcett, the Gentlewoman by Gillian Horgan, the Launder by Nemonee Stone, and the Boy by Andy Barrett. Additional voices of the Gods were Hugh Weller-Poley and Adam Thurkettle, and members of the company. The announcer was Sarah Golding.

The Play of the Weather was produced for the Beyond Shakespeare Podcast by Robert Crighton, with additional sound effects thanks to and

This production is the last part of our complete plays of John Heywood box set. Literally every play or bit of dramatic material has been put together in audio form for your enjoyment, and can be heard by scrolling through the podcast, or going to our dedicated playlist, which also features a curated selection of other Heywood related material.

For an alternative version of the play, go to this great website - Staging the Henrician Court:

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