IOE #21: Why have a following? IGTV, Twitter hacks w/ Liz Corvino, Ryan Hintze, and Emily Gaitan

Episode 21,   Jul 30, 2018, 01:00 PM

Liz Corvino, Ryan Hintze, and Emily Gaitan are well-known social media influencers across various platforms. Listen to host, Joshua Nussbaum, Liz, Ryan, and Emily breakdown IGTV, and their perspectives on what the new feature offers that the rest of the instagram platform does not. Gain some insight on the mentality of social growth across multiple platforms.


-Ryan’s background in certifications and getting verified on Twitter - Do’s and don’ts for Twitter

-How to create a unique post

-Choosing what platforms works best for you, some of the pros and cons on Twitter vs. Instagram

-Why is IG unique

-How often to post on your various social media platforms

-Why having a small loyal following on Instagram is more powerful than a large following

-The purpose behind Liz’s instagram

-Writing captions that people want to read

-Why you have a responsibility to post on social media

-Darkness only exists in the absence of light


-“Good content wins. Period. No matter where you are. And if you’re going to post once in a blue moon, make sure it is really great. If you’re going to post very frequently and be in people’s face and you don’t want them to get tired of you, make sure it is really great. (10:06-10:19)

-Tell me about some tips/tricks that are Twitter specific (6:32)

-Interacting with your followers on Twitter (11:43)

-What are you excited about, from the consumer standpoint, that will unravel now that IGTV is a new available feature? (15:24)

-How do you intend to use IGTV and/or what do you want to see from people that are producing content? (19:27)

-If you want people to follow you, say things that make your position on that topic very un-generalized. (25:20)

-Why do you want to build a following? (26:00)

-Sharing both your successes and failures with people is what will make an impact (45:26)

-Aim to create, impact, educate, and entertain (49:39)

Liz IG: @lizvino, Ryan IG: @ryanhintze, Emily IG: @iamemilygaitan