005: Mel Smith talks the music industry, internet music, streaming services | Chance The Rapper | Music Labels | The Grammys | UMG | Albums | Mixtapes | Kanye West | Kevin Durant | Celtics | NBA offseason | beating Warriors | MLB All-Star Game |

Jul 08, 2016, 09:50 PM

For Full Episode Information, Click Here Shifting away from sport for a moment, Bobby Manning and his guest steer the weekly tour in a different direction towards today's music landscape. They hit on inspirations for getting into the world of music, the changing landscape of it thanks to the internet, streaming platforms, albums vs. mixtapes, Kanye West's idea of a living breathing album, Chance The Rapper's crusade against record labels, the Grammys opening up to internet music, and more. Manning and Smith take your The Bobcast Questions which will now be a weekly feature of the show before the Impactful Stories in sports are hit on including the NBA's free agency structure, building a team to beat the Warriors, and possible ideas to help the MLB All-Star Game.