Create a Possibility to be Open for Something Different - Molly Harper Haines, The Harper Haines Group

Episode 14,   Aug 13, 2018, 10:56 PM

Molly is the co-founder of the Harper Haines Group which uses an integrated approach to organizational and revenue development built through a lifetime dedicated to innovation and movement building. She has a very diverse background from fundraising for political campaigns in rural communities to United States Senate campaigns, legislation, and speech writing on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. Excelling in dispelling fears around fundraising and helping groups develop the skills for quality relationship-based engagement practices, Molly's passion for this work is contagious. 

One of the things Molly does most is to "figure out how to create a dynamic between people that leaves a possibility open for something different to happen". Molly believes that if more people cultivated this skill, we would have a lot more innovation and creativity in our businesses.