Your Circumstances Don't Have to Define Your Success - Jake Hanes, Action Tax Services, LLC

Episode 15,   Aug 13, 2018, 11:12 PM

Jake Haines is the owner of Action Tax Services, LLC, a CPA firm in Aurburn, WA. Jake leads a successful team of professionals to successfully operate his practice year round. Have you ever wondered what a CPA does after that busy tax season? Well, for Jake, the offseason is spent in the outdoors with his family, conducting public speaking engagements, providing leadership and resources to local boards, and offering ongoing business coaching to his firm's clientele. 

Jake has succeeded and failed in business, and he shares those experiences, concepts, and tools so his audiences can use them to take a five-year leap into achieving business success. For the majority of his life, he battled epilepsy, yet amid all the inherent challenges he faced, he reached great heights - including summiting the five highest peaks in Washington and building several successful businesses. 

Jake is not a product of his circumstances, he is a product of his decisions.