Marshfield Energy Song

Mar 05, 2012, 09:24 AM

A song composed and sung by the children of Marshfield Primary School for Marshfield Energy Day, 24/03/2012. Part of the Marshfield Energy Project


It's a Green Deal for all, Let's have a ball, Come to Marshfield Energy Day, What shall we do It's up to you Swing along and have your say!

(Chorus) Save energy every day Save energy in every way Our energy project is a big deal So don't just worry about the bill

Thermal images you will see Of our houses they will be Blue, red, white and green We'll all find out what they mean


Mobile gallery walks door to door Showing us all more and more A fresher Marshfield could be seen Come on every body, let's go green!

Chorus (x2) #energy #green #kids #song #marshfield