NFL training camp news, Jalen Ramsey does not suck, underrated QBs, and more...

Episode 567,  Aug 16, 2018, 03:14 PM

Scott Engel and George Kurtz open the show talking about Jalen Ramsey, who had something to say about every single quarterback in the NFL. They also question if he is a Darrelle Revis type, having fantasy players sit their top receivers when they go up against the Jaguars. The guys question Ramsey saying DeShaun Watson is a possible MVP, and also wonder if Jimmy Garoppolo is an underrated fantasy value. One of the quarterbacks, Josh Allen, Ramsey called trash, and wonder if Allen "stole Jalen's candy." The guys look at the Dolphins, thinking every running back they go against will be solid Best Ball and DFS plays. George goes back to Jalen Ramsey giving his opinion on every quarterback, and wonders what he would say about his own QB, Blake Bortles. 

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