David Davies - Witness to Broad Haven

Aug 19, 02:16 AM

Anyone who has experienced what is considered a paranormal event will tell you that it's not easy to tell others about what you had witnessed, especially if that experience was dramatic and significant.  Testimony about such things is often met with ridicule, scorn and sometimes violence by those who feel threatened by such challenges to their reality.  Therefore it takes no small amount of courage and resolution to tell your truth and stick to it.  Such are the qualities that we believe make up the mettle of tonight's guest, David "Dave" Davies.  Davies has had to endure bullying and beatings since he first described what he witnessed for himself and what his classmates had seen landing on the playground of the Broad Haven Primary School in Pembrokeshire, Wales in 1977.  For the 40 years since that close encounter, Davies has stood by his story with conviction and without embellishment or wavering, still ever willing to talk about his experience.  In fact, the sighting had made such an impact on him that he's spent the intervening years in a quest to find an explanation for what he'd seen.  Join us tonight as we hear from an eye-witness to one of the most well-observed UFO cases in history, The Broad Haven School UFO incident.

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