IOE #24: The Faulty Happiness Formula vs The Sustainable Happiness Formula with David Gruder PhD

Episode 24,   Aug 20, 2018, 01:00 PM

In this episode of Inside Out Empowerment, host Joshua Nussbaum sits down with speaker, author and mentor David Gruder PhD for an interesting look at The Faulty Happiness Formula vs The Sustainable Happiness Formula. During their conversation they discuss many things, including the adaptation of Dr. David's teaching and training methods with the advancements in technology over time. But the focus of the conversation really is a look at today's culture and the problem people are having with their endeavors to "have it all" which fuels greed for more money and power. The conversation is a look at our culture's wrong thinking and an evaluation of the formula Dr. David believes can bring true, sustainable happiness.


-Dr. Gruder’s background 

-How today’s technology has impacted Dr. Gruder’s career 

-Defining the faulty happiness formula 

-Describing the American dream 

-Breakdown of the pursuit of happiness 

-Defining the sustainable happiness formula 

-Relating your childhood to the sustainable happiness formula 

-The best ways to get show love to your children 

-Describing the pandora box 

-Steps towards self development 


-Tell me what you do right now at this moment. (1:13) 

-How have you, personally and professionally, been impacted since the tides have changed? (3:28) 

-What is the faulty happiness formula? (10:17) 

-When happiness gets redefined as excessive consumption, that’s where we have a faulty happiness formula. (15:12) 

-Personal freedom got redefined as conformity. (15:24) 

-The sustainable happiness formula is the drive to be who we really are, the drive to bond with others, and the drive to influence the ones around us (18:28) 

-What are steps people can take to be more integral as it pertains to these three elements?(21:10) 

-What registers as love for a child are connection, validation, and emotional safety. (26:48) 

-When we most need love is when we’re experiencing a life experience that we don’t know how to digest. (28:04) 

-Feelings are never buried dead. They’re always buried alive. (41:25) 

-How does somebody work towards self development? (47:56)