Nicholas Pegg on Lodger

Aug 21, 2018, 06:00 AM

Released in 1979 to mixed reviews and a sense of bewilderment at the change of direction from the preceding two instalments of the 'Berlin trilogy', 'Lodger' has never quite assumed iconic status. But there is much to enjoy in this 10-track outing, from a sort of travel themed suite of songs to a more broader set of topics on side two. Containing hits such as 'DJ' and 'Boys Keep Swinging', it also referenced Bowie's long-standing love affair with Krautrock, the Middle Eastern/reggae mashup of 'Yassassin', the starkly minimal story of 'Repetition' and the proto-world music feel of 'African Night Flights' and much more.

So, to get to the heart of Lodger - which was remixed last year by Tony Visconti, a mix I am a bit unsure of - I called up the one and only Nicholas Pegg, author of 'The Complete David Bowie' and went down to visit him one sunny day to get his take on all things Lodgerian. I really enjoyed this one, and hope you do too - spread the word, Albumtoalbum is back for another batch of Bowie geekery!