Episode 51

Season 1, Episode 51,   Aug 29, 2018, 11:00 PM

Episode 51

Tanya Targett – Winning Publicity Formula

Tanya Targett has used the power of profile to build a six-figure business within months of fleeing emotional and psychological domestic violence.

Often referred to as the ‘Media Darling’, Tanya is a former investigative news journalist who knows how to get the story. An international speaker and former investigative reporter, Tanya has been quoted and featured in national and international media – including magazines, newspapers and television. Over the past two years alone, her students have generated over $7.4 million using her Winning Publicity Formula.

In this interview Tanya explains there is someone, who speaks your unique language, and is waiting for you to share your story that will change - if not save - their life. It just has to be told. You’ve had this journey to help, inspire, resonate, empathise, lead and motivate others, she explains why it’s time for you started sharing that story.

Listen to discover how to start inspiring and motivating others, while using your unique story to carve your unique position in the market. And use the power of your story to create true authority and credibility and become a key influencer in your industry.

Visit the link for the free PR workshop http://bit.ly/freePRworkshop

You can sign up here: http://www.tanyatargett.com/referral-partners/