Literary Loitering 90 - Twaddle, Youth Ninjas!

Aug 22, 2018, 11:11 PM

There are three Brontë sisters, and since we’re missing a Graham this week we decided to find out which of our three intrepid cultural anarchists (Sarah, Andrew and Producer Rob), could be the reincarnation of which Brontë sister. We find out the truth at the end of the show, we just hope that Graham isn’t Bramwell …

Also, don’t ask which of the Brontë’s was the best as you may start a rumble in certain circles. 

Before all of that though, things have been happening in the strange world of books and the arts, beginning with the usual dire statistics about young-adult fiction (it’s always something with teenagers …). After that it’s time to find out why bookshops and libraries are not the same thing, why a group of protest artists were protesting against their own exhibition, and why anyone in their right mind would pay $30,000 for a book about Ferrari. 

After a quick stop in Lincoln to find out what the art ninjas have been up to, it’s time for Producer Rob to explore the remarkably observant cartoons of Private Eye’s very own David Ziggy Greene in a new collection of his work called Times Like These: Graphic Reports of Modern Life.  

It’s a book that isn’t a book but is a book in the form of a graphic novel … technically? 

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