Episode 139 - Misfits, Monsters & Curveballs

Aug 24, 2018, 04:30 PM

Guests: Josh Warren & Syl Turner

Tim does some bitching.   

Radio Labyrinth Live II: From the Red Clay Comedy Festival!  

Celebrate local comedy with Radio Labyrinth. Join Tim, Steph and actor, Josh Warren, Saturday, September 29, 3-4 p.m. at 529 Bar - 529 Flat Shoals Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316. For only $10!   

On September 28th-30th, Red Clay returns to the historic East Atlanta Village neighborhood. This neighborhood is known for its funky vibe and walkability. Each festival venue is within a 2 block radius, so you’ll find it easy to walk from show to show throughout the weekend.

Red Clay has built a reputation as one of the most fun and exciting comedy festivals in the country and we are excited to continue bringing top notch comedy to Atlanta for years to come!https://www.freshtix.com/events/radio-labyrinth-live-with-tim-andrews 


Josh Warren & Syl Turner stop by to talk, Action Fest Beta Test: A local improv sketch show at Relapse Theater in Midtown. The best place to see improv! Plus, Miami Vice talk (Don Johnson stops by). "Reality Porn" discussion. Bang Bros, Bang Bus, Captain Stabbin'. Tim recollects his porn set visit. Edward James Olmos impressions. 80s beer commercials.  

Josh discussing his stint on last week's "Misfits & Monsters" and working with Bobcat Goldthwait. Tim talks about the Curveball Festival cancellation & missing Phish. Tim insults a balding guy after a Tom Petty concert. Disgusting hotels in Virginia. Steven King books & Will Patton.

Action Show's origin, some Star Trek improv. More Bobcat / Police Academy talk. The Georgia Guidestones & conspiracy theories. Pawn Stars talk & making fun of YouTube "list" shows. Batman is an atheist now. Jurassic Park 2 talk. Ron Howard and his hot daughter. Happy Days talk. Fonzie is a moocher. Henry Winkler and Barry. Getting busted smoking weed at concerts. Josh was in a Yucko the Clown video, plus more about Waco & Roger.   

Arnold Schwartzenegger reads the Patron Roll Call.

Randy Havens & Stranger Things 3. Norm Macdonald is finally coming to Netflix. Revamped classic game shows; Match Game, The Gong Show & 25,000 Pyramid. Richard Dawson The Gong Show Michael Meyers Michael Strahan  

DragonCon 2018

Our Dragon Con taping is Saturday 9/1 between 1:30-3:30 p.m. in the Greenbriar Room of the Hyatt. Chris Gore will join us, and (hopefully) actress, Janet Varney & Ming Chen from Comic Book Men & Dogma. DragonCon tickets and info here: http://www.dragoncon.org/ 

Paul Stanley & the Illuminati and chats with Jack Ryan. Lost Boys sequel.

Staff Picks 

Jeff: Bert Kreischer Secret Time/Netflix 8/24 https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2018/08/bret-krischer-to-release-debut-netflix-original-co.html 

Steph: Rob Riggle’s Ski Master Academy-Streaming on Crackle-Thursday August 23rd.  http://brief.promaxbda.org/article/rob-riggles-ski-master-academy-hits-the-waves-in-august 

Mr. Mercedes Season 2- Tonight!!! Audience Network! http://www.denofgeek.com/us/tv/mr-mercedes/268169/mr-mercedes-season-2-trailer-release-date-cast-and-everything-else-we-know 

Tim: Joe Rogan Experience #1157 - Shooter Jennings 


Shooter Jennings is a musician, radio host, record label president, and is also the son of country music legend Waylon Jennings. His new album "Shooter" is available now everywhere. Joe and Shooter talk music, conspiracy theories, and Alex Jones (among other things)

The Doggies! 

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