#12: Shaheen Samavati: Entrepreneurial journey, from the States to Spain

Aug 27, 2018, 06:00 PM

Shaheen talks today about moving to Spain from the U.S. where she was working as a journalist. Shaheen had become increasingly interested in the entrepreneurialism in the States and decided to do an MBA in Spain, and then worked as a freelance journalist and was involved in a number of business projects. She was a founding member of Spot-a-Home - the Spanish property rental website- an experience which she describes as 'a crash course in running a business'. From Spot-a-Home, Shaheen went on to found her own business, Vera Content - a multilingual content creation and translation agency which has grown hugely in the last 2 years since Shaheen created it.

Listen in for Shaheen's tips- she is a great example of someone who has gone out and created her grand plan! I hope you enjoy hearing her experience.

Recorded in Summer 2018


Vera Content


Spot A Home https://www.spotahome.com/