God's Promises by John Bale - Act 1

Episode 15,   Sep 04, 2018, 12:47 PM

An archive recording of Act 1 of God's Promises written by protestant playwright John Bale in 1538 (staged in 1547). This act sees God talking to the prophet Adam - he will speak with another five prophets, before finally preparing the way for the arrival of Jesus through speaking to John the Baptist. This was a follow up (recorded in 2015) to a test recording made in 2013 (incorporating elements from that session), to give us an idea of what would be needed to bring the play to life. It's closer to how we'd like to record work in the future, but still work in progress. Other recordings from the play are available, and more is on the way. Narrator - Annie Eddington, God - Robert Crighton & Adam - Simon Nader