ReWatchable Episode #280: 'Sense8' 1x10 -- You Get a Birth Scene, You Get a Birth Scene!

Sep 11, 2018, 11:53 PM

Join ReWatchable as we continue our journey through Sense8 season 1, episode 10, “What is Human?”

Superfans: Danielle and Mitch 

Newbies: Brittany and Caitlin

Fun Facts:

Mitch is relieved that the new Spider-Man game for PS4 is a hit! Caitlin is not going to talk about football, so she focuses on the Braves season instead. Brittany steals a fun fact from Tom Brady and Danielle is rockin’ out to Troy Sivan’s new album.

Sense8 season 1, episode 10, “What is Human?”

– Synopsis

– Is it too soon for Sun to leave prison? The newbies think so.

– Kala finally gets to admit that she is unsure about her wedding. (We love her dad!)

– Capheus explains to Kala the importance of escapism

– So pure. So precious. Must be protected.

– Nomi has some fireworks of her own. And that’s it.

– Wolfgang is a lone wolf, who needs nobody and everybody

– Lito and Wolfgang are their best selves here

– Chosen family > Blood family in this show

– Phone screens, can we get them to just work? Please?

– Lito’s secret is out there. Was it the best option?

– Fighting techniques are important — thanks Wolfgang

– Hernando is back! Someone take away Dani’s phone.

– Jonas’ exposition was very, very long

– Sense8 needs to get this information out somehow. Basically, it’s evolution!

– Will is a child who hasn’t told his dad about his suspension

– Independence Day — what is that?

– Ecstasy is a casual thing? Maybe? We don’t know.

– Let’s connect the Sense8 group to their surroundings

– Birthing scenes: beautiful or gross?

– Favorite Scenes

– Favorite Lines

Listener Feedback:

– We are an enjoyable distraction! gets pin

– It’s cool to see people traveling to the places in the show

– Lost another one to the binge

– Onward to the conclusion of season 1

Brittany’s Brainstorms and Caitlin’s Conjectures:

– Sense8 season 1, episode 11, “Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes”

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