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Oct 14, 2009, 10:53 AM
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JFDerry - over 7 years ago

Thank you very much 'markrock'. Although, sadly, I get very little feedback, even if I read a hundred thousand messages, I cannot conceive appreciating any single one more than reading your's just now. Heartfelt thanks x


markrock - over 7 years ago

That's lovely. I missed it first time round. You may be interested to know that Audioboo's beginning were in poetry, with the death of my mother in 2008. This is one of her poems and the first line was what set off my thinking which ultimately became Audioboo.

When Poets Die

Poets die still deep with words,
ribbons of lines, verses
like unstitched tapestries and whole pages
not yet set. They lie unfathomed,
crowded into jars and button tins,
beads waiting for stringing. Listen -
you hear them, small clinks of glass and pearl,
rolling around, not into emptiness, they wait
to make a way to the sun, quickened
even in earth.

Daphne Rock, 2007


JFDerry - almost 8 years ago


by JF Derry (2009)

You know how, every day,
Life can be a daily grind?
How every day, little-by-little,
You can begin to lose your mind?

Well, bring close now, bring close now,
I have everybody's tale to tell,
A hoped happening in every home,
Beginning with, "all are well".

Once a year a magic descends, 
A calm chill cools the air,
Peace and love is wished by all,
With people showing they care.

Your families are remembered,
Your schools are long forgotten,
Put your work away today,
Cause hardest hearts to soften.

Don't hurry from the table, stay!
The day is steeped in goodness,
No needy expectation of you remains,
Nor needling demanded should-ness.

Mummy's now fully chuckle-filled,
Just like your giggling Granny,
Christmas kids we have all become,
'til well past Hootenanny.

Hark this happiness I hope for you,
And you, and you, and your's,
It is a joy for all the world,
And that even includes in-laws!

Yes, a calm to behold is this,
Not oft throughout the year,
Once a time, upon a dream,
An Epiphany draws near.