Episode 85: The Noble Journalist

Sep 12, 2018, 10:00 AM

Award-winning television journalist Brittany Noble joins us from NYC to talk about her amazing career and her sudden exit from TV

The landmark 85th Episode of The People's Podcast welcomes another illustrious guest: Award-winning television journalist Brittany Noble. She's a St. Louis native who had spent nearly a decade in TV working around the country. Brittany is best known as the woman who first broke the story on St. Louis NBC Station KMOV of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. in 2014.

She joins us to talk about her career, what inspired her to get into TV, what happened when she got the call to come in that day, the story behind her #BlackJournalistsMatter shirts, her work in Flint, Mich., how she battled a TV station in Mississippi to simply be treated fairly, and how she is starting her second act in New York as a reporter and author. (Interview starts at 32:25 mark)

Plus: Jay shoots hard on being a black man in journalism, the importance of representation, his experiences with newsroom politics, the "controversial" 2016 column that got pulled off a news site in 90 minutes, and what needs to change to help the industry diversify.

Check out more on Brittany at thenoblejournalist.com

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