UEFA Nations League, cod philosophy and our 2018 World XIs

Sep 14, 2018, 12:40 PM

On this week’s podcast Dan Burke is joined in the studio by Lewis Ambrose, Helge Wohltmann and André Gonçalves.

After a brief philosophical discussion, the lads get stuck straight into last week’s UEFA Nations League action. Has international football changed for the better? Should England think about changing their approach? Should Germany think about changing their coach? And is this the beginning of a bold new era for Luis Enrique and Spain?

Next it’s time to look ahead at the upcoming weekend of club football. Do Tottenham have any chance of beating Liverpool? Why have so many big Bundesliga teams started the season poorly? And will LaLiga be heading Stateside or not?

And to finish, the panel picked their 2018 World XIs.