Visit From Aunt Flo Edition

Sep 20, 2018, 11:00 AM

In this week’s episode, Christians get a visit from Aunt Flo, the Texas School Board decides that area of a Texan circle is now equal to3r2, and the jews will live happily heifer after.

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Idiot Christians left to explain why their god killed so many people with Hurricane Florence: and and

Texas plans to remove Hillary Clinton from history classes while keeping Moses:

Toronto city councillor says church state separation is why kids kill each other:

Steve Anderson thinks San Francisco has an atheist poo problem:

Linda Harvey: Straight People Never Engage in Oral or Anal Sex

New religion thinks they’re aliens:

Red cow is born in Israel:

This Week in Misogyny:

MS Senate candidate: 99% of rape accusations are “absolutely fabricated”

Baptist leader body shames women, downplays “Me Too” movement: