Ass Meat! We Love Hip Hop Ft $eptember Smoke & Mirrors w/ Chromazz & Athea #AtMyFasion E88

Sep 20, 2018, 11:00 AM

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We are BBBBback! At The Yongesterdam Lounge for our regularly scheduled program! We got $eptember in the building for a follow up interview after our first one a full year ago! As well as a special guest co host Athea from 'At My Fashion' joining us in the intro and Smoke & Mirrors along with Latina Rap sensation Chromazz!!

Song of the week: Cly- Drugs

Eldorado x K Money- Over There

Top 6ix Tracks 1. No Joke Jigsaw- Drippin 2. Young Boy Problems X Daz Dinero (Galaxy Boyz)- Rockstar 22 3. Flawless Gretzky- Streets Don’t Love Us (Mtl) 4. Cmdwn ft Lil Berette- Bool
5. Toronto Guy Cody- Never Lose 6. LNC x Grind- Fed Up

SARS RADIO EP. 139 September 19th

Yongesterdam Lounge: Lounge Open Monday to Sunday 11-9 647-278-4369 for bookings or @yongesterdam_lounge Giving away admission for 4 with food for a table of 4. Leave the hashtag #yongesterdam in the comments.

News/Smoke & Mirrors Featuring Athea & Later Chromazz: 1. Company will being paying $50/hr to sample marijuana 2. Toronto is Racoon Capital of the World. 3. Booonk says in Vlad interview that he isn’t doing Pranks anymore 4. George Zimmerman signs skittles and confederate flags 5. Most racist comment you ever heard?

Smoke Break Tunes: Win x Prod. Dgleks x I.Z

Road Tune: Philly x Paradi$e- Every Time

$eptember: Chromazz: Athea: We Love Hip Hop: The 6ix List: Friday: PK Herc: Spoiled Smokers: Savy: