IOE 26- Choosing a grind that fuels your fire (post Olympia debrief)

Episode 26,   Sep 21, 2018, 05:44 AM

People always say "Embrace the grind" , "Respect the process" , "Success is a journey not a destination" but you know what? It's entirely possible that your process, or journey or grind, isn't the right one!

Think about the circumstances that make you shine. For some people it's a quiet time to be able to write and think. For others it's making sure they have matching socks and a stable routine. 

For me, I'm a simple creature. I need good food, good sex, a good 4 hours of sleep and GOOD PEOPLE TO FLOW POWER TO. I'm a connective creature. 

Choose a grind that best lends itself to the combination of elements you require to feel the best. I guarantee you, if the things that make feel good; are the same things you are good at; and those are the same things that are paying you... "Embracing the grind" is going to be a whole hell of a lot easier and more enjoyable.