Exit Interview with H.E. Alan Hamsom, Ambassador of Canada to South Sudan

Sep 21, 2018, 01:54 PM

The diplomatic community in South Sudan has been central to supporting the humanitarian needs of the country. 

Canada through its Ambassador, Alan Hamsom,  is one of the countries that has played a huge role through its support to midwifery and Gender Based Violence programs in South Sudan. 

Since his deployment to South Sudan two years ago, Ambassador Hamsom has been an active member of the Diplomatic community, spending enormous time and energy attending events, interacting with midwives and the local women of South Sudan, and giving regular updates  on Canada -South Sudan relations. 

Unfortunately, Ambassador Hamsom's time in South Sudan has come  to an end; Miraya Breakfast show Presenter, Sebit William, hosted him on the program” to talk about his experiences over the past two years.