IOE #27: The Four stages of becoming a successful entrepreneur with Anik Singal (Escape; Employee - Self - Catapult - Authority - People - Entrepreneur

Episode 27,  Sep 24, 2018, 01:00 PM

In this episode of Inside Out Empowerment, host Joshua Nussbaum sits down with Anik Singal, successful digital publishing marketer and founder and CEO of Lurn, Inc. & VSS Mind, to discuss all that it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.


-Anik defines and describes entrepreneurship

-breakdown of what it takes to be become an entrepreneur

-qualities of what makes a good entrepreneur

-4 stages of what it takes to be an entrepreneur

-how self development impacts your journey to becoming an entrepreneur

-why you should be creating momentum

-Anik breaks down what Lurn is


-What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? (3:55)

-We are all born entrepreneurs. (8:16)

-We are entrepreneurs until two things happen. Number one we learn the power of the word no and number two we learn the value of praise. (10:35)

-A business doesn’t fail because of external factors. It fails because of the entrepreneur. (13:33)

-First stage to becoming an entrepreneur is self. (20:33)

-Second stage of becoming an entrepreneur is catapult which is the same as creating momentum (22:14)

-A great entrepreneur doesn’t do it for the money. They do it for value. (36:01)

-Stage three to becoming an entrepreneur is authority. (55:58)

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