Rafael Casal|Writer and Actor | Failing Up Podcast|Guy Opochinski and Eden Dranger

Sep 27, 2018, 03:00 PM

00:35 Eden reads a rejection letter

01:55 Is it better to hear back or not?

05:44 The Bay Area hates LA

08:43 Growing up in Oakland

11:25 Guy and a 7th grade bully

15:35 When did he figure out he wanted to be an artist?

22:33 What does he love about poetry?

26:12 Is he proud of everything he has written?

28:08 Blindspotting

31:52 The 10 year journey to make the movie

38:35 Does he care about the critics - 93% Rotten Tomatoes

44:37 Ethan Embry and Sunny Mabrey

50:38 What’s next?

57:02 Eden’s writing room

01:03:28 Biggest Failure

10:10:12 Favorite Charity: ACLU : https://action.aclu.org/give/donate-to-aclu

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