IOE #28: Covering Your Ass with Jonathan Gerber

Episode 28,  Oct 01, 2018, 01:00 PM

Joshua Nussbaum sits down with with his attorney and friend, Jonathan Gerber to discuss some important concepts all dedicated entrepreneurs need to understand as part of their journey to success from a legal perspective.


-Jonathan’s background and how he got started in entrepreneurship

-why it is important for Jonathan to build a personal relationship with his clients

-how Jonathan got into law

-the sense of satisfaction when personal connections reach out to Jonathan

-the transition from Jonathan working at a firm then starting up his own business

-steps you can take to make sure you are covered when starting up a business

-operating as an entity vs. operating as an individual


-Tell me what you have going on and what your grind is like. (2:58)

-It’s about building relationships and growing relationships. (5:49)

-What is your main hustle like and what kind of law do you practice? (6:00)

-You have to believe in yourself and know that it is going to happen. (11:35)

-The more hands you shake, the more deals get done. (17:57)

-Explain when you transitioned from the old firm to your own business now. (21:39)

-What is your goal for your business? (25:27)

-Talk to me about what someone can do who is starting up a business and what they can be looking for. (29:07)

-Do not sign anything personally. Do not sign personal guarantees unless absolutely necessary. (30:42)

-What are steps, legal or nonlegal, that someone can take to live a more empowered life? (55:44)