#24 The Love of Coaching & “Strong is the new Skinny” with Jordan Syatt

Oct 01, 2018, 12:23 PM

In this episode I was joined by the incredibly knowledgable Jordan Syatt. I have followed Jordan’s articles and social media content since I began coaching and it was great to have him on the show. Jordan is known for coaching Gary Vaynerchuk and setting a world record for deadlifting 4 times his bodyweight however he is probably most well known for putting out consistently helpful content and specialising in strength and fat loss.

We chat about having “bright lines” when it comes to nutrition to keep you on track, the truth about just “loving yourself” and maintaining weight loss. We also cover how phrases like “strong is the new skinny’ can do more harm than good.

I ask about his choices to now compete in boxing and he discloses his most embarrassing gym moment to date. I had loads of fun recording this podcast with Jordan, I hope you enjoy listening to it too!

You can follow Jordan on IG: @Syattfitness