The First Presidential F*ckboy: Episode 2 (The many scandals of the Panama Canal & Warren G Harding's sexual exploits)

Oct 15, 2018, 12:15 PM
This episode we learn about the Panamanian origins of our very boozy, yet very deliciously tropical episode cocktail and how it ties into Tux’s scandal. Gin-drenched banter ensues in the retelling of our stories! There are many twists, turns, and tangents --prepare yourself for a scandalous ride!

Also covered: Stephanie’s life underneath a rock, Tux’s conflicted thoughts on being a food blogger, chilluns, vintage panties, and BDE.

Tux’s scandal explores the construction of Panama and its Canal.
Stephanie’s scandal is a deep-dive into Warren G. Harding’s favorite pastime.
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