The Origins of Fake News: Episode 3 (Dirty campaigning in the 1800 election & Dennis Hastert)

Oct 15, 2018, 12:30 PM
This episode we apologize for being the chatty drunk history nerds we were in the last episode. We reflect on the dry nature of our childhood history classes that mistakenly led us to believe we hated a subject that we clearly love enough to create a podcast about.

This episode we learn about the spicy port-based episode cocktail trendy in the late 1700s and how it relates to Stephanie’s scandal. This drink is just in time for autumn! Side note: you’re welcome!

Also covered: Milk punch, Stephanie’s bae Lin-Manuel Miranda, My Favorite Murder, Tux’s shameful disregard for Broadway musicals, and Ohio-based scandals.

Stephanie’s scandal explores the birth of negative campaigning and fake news.
Tux’s scandal centers on the sex crimes of Dennis Hastert.
 (Warning to listeners: This episode, and the following links, contain information about sexual assault.)
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