IOE #29: How to Generate True Admiration (not just gain followers)

Episode 29,   Oct 08, 2018, 01:00 PM

In this episode of Inside Out Empowerment, host Joshua Nussbaum reviews how to generate true admiration, not just gain followers, on social media, in your business and in life as a whole.


-If you are looking to gain legitimate admiration and you want people to look up to you, the way to not do it is by bragging. (2:15)

-Start programming your mind, your behavior, and your communication to attract admiration and it’s simply to give the admiration you are seeking. (3:22)

-Start admiring when people do the small things. (5:33)

-Share your ups and downs along the process. (9:07)

-Speak your truth especially when it is not popular. (9:58)

-If you can get in the habit of constantly speaking the truth and saying exactly what you mean, then people will be able to count on you and rely on you for giving your real two sense. (11:52)