Nosotras les Creemos #MeToo

Season 1, Episode 29,   Oct 11, 2018, 04:00 PM

We dedicate this episode to the xingonaness, bravery, and resilience of all muxeres who're survivors, who've spoken their truth, held their truth, or stood in truth with others these past few weeks as the movement of #metoo grows to become #wetoo.

Join us as we discuss the dignities of Dr. Anita Hill and Dr. Ford. Estas muxeronas who spoke their truth have forever changed the landscape of this long war against patriarchy and rape, regardless of the reality that both of the men they accused in different points in our history, Clarence Thomas and now Brett Kavanaugh, sit on the Supreme Court. We ain't gonna despair.

Our culture is changing and we - with our brilliance and resilience - are still here. We got us. We'll talk self-care in these moments #curanderaremedies, vibe to a kick-ass playlist of up and coming Latinx artists, and get real about need for white women to step up their game cause white feminism ain't doing anyone any favors. Únete a nuestra conversación!


  • Mama Lola by Jesse Baez - Odio by Ile , Las Caras Lindas de Mi Gente Negra by Flor de Tolache, Brujeria by El Gran Combo, Esta Rico by Will Smith and Marc Anthony featuring Bad Bunny