3 Branding Tips For Your Print Shop

Oct 11, 2018, 02:00 PM

Have you ever bought an item that was more expensive because of the name behind it? Shoes, a purse, equipment?

The reason you feel strongly about your purchase is because of the brand. It creates an emotional connection to your consumers which makes their purchase decision easier.

It is essential to create a brand your customers love and praise. Since this process doesn't happen overnight, here are 3 tips to start now:

  1. Create a guarantee. What can you do to guarantee your customers? Can you deliver goods at the best price, quality, turnaround time? This statement will help rally your team around one goal and make decisions when you're not present.

  2. Create a full experience. Every touch point of your business is a piece of your brand. How your staff answers the phone, what you feel walking into your shop, email response time, your website and social media presence. It's all apart of your brand and should be thought out carefully.

  3. Swag out your team & customers. People will start seeing your brand more in town and ask about it. Bring on the referrals and let customers be a fan!

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