Martin Reader, Olympian, Speaker for Quality Coaching Collective, and Founder of OFFBALL Athlete

Nov 05, 05:00 PM

“When you don’t have the ball, what are you doing to improve yourself? To improve the outcome of the game? To move yourself forward?”

After representing Canada in the 2012 Olympics, Martin Reader changed paths and now uses his knowledge of both mental and physical health to tackle his goals of reducing lifestyle diseases and keeping younger populations active. Here, Martin discusses the coaching techniques used by his most memorable Olympic coaches, the athlete’s ability to train the mind, and the lack of experience in team-building skills, healthy living, and handling failure that comes with 70% of children dropping out of sports by the age of 13.

Book Recommendations

Winning Through Enlightenment by Ron Smothermon

12 Rules for Life by Jordon Peterson

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Table of Contents 

00:42 - Guest Intro 

01:05 - Martin's Youth Sports Experience 

03:00 - Choosing Volleyball

04:15 - What it Was Like at the Olympics 

10:25 - After the Olympics

14:26 - Top 3 Characteristics of great coaches 

18:18 - Martin's Experience Coaching 

24:39 - Coaching Different Age Groups 

27:26 - Top 3 Issues Effecting Youth Sports 

35:00 - Loving the Sport

39:40 - Books

41:57 - #1 tip for New Coaches

44:26 - What's Next for Martin 

47:00 - 5 Years from Now