Positive Athlete Development | James Leath

Jun 22, 2020, 05:00 AM
His second time featured on the Love What You Play podcast, James Leath is the founder of Unleash the Athlete. He discusses educating athletes of all ages and developing positive leadership within individuals in the sporting community. Learn more about James and Unleash the Athlete here: https://www.utathlete.com/.

Table of contents:
0:00 - Introduction
1:00 - Covid-19 sports shutdown 
6:00 - Growing up in sports
9:00 - Involvement with Chicago Bulls 
13:00 - Chasing the dream
22:30 - Unleash the Athlete
30:00 - TikTok and Gen Z
34:30 - Way of Champions conference
37:00 - Developing young athletes
44:30 - The rise of Esports
50:45 - Top 3 tips for coaches
53:00 - Where to find James

The interview featured on this episode of the Love What You Play podcast originally debuted on the For the Love of the Game free Spring Virtual Summit 2020. To learn more about our upcoming summits and events with featured speakers, head to: https://www.fortheloveofthegame.ca/events