Nicholas Pegg on Hunky Dory (Part 2)

Oct 22, 2018, 01:48 PM

We return from a short international expedition with Part 2 of our Hunky Dory hoe-down in which acclaimed Bowie biographer and Albumtoalbum regular Nicholas Pegg and I sit down to try and work out what makes Bowie's 1971 album just so damn good. I can't seem to string together a coherent sentence in this episode, which I will defend, by saying Hunky Dory leaves me speechless. In this edition, we focus on side two, and cover all manner of Bowiephilia, debating the impact of his first trip to the States, his adoration of Biff Rose, Andy Warhol, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, the creepy witchy genius of 'The Bewlay Brothers' and try to avoid the use of the word 'iconic'. Plug in, tune in and turn on and enjoy!