Dominion Documentary, Dog Tales, & Vegan School Dinners

Episode 2,  Nov 05, 2018, 08:26 PM

Welcome back listeners, In this second episode of ItAllVeganWithFriends we (Jay, Becks and Sam) return. You can hear Jay interview film Director Chris Delforce on the Documentary "Dominion" and ask Chris when did he first become vegan, what future does he envision and how can we look after ourselves when fighting for animal rights. We share our expeirneces of watching the film and why it is important to watch, even if you don't think you need to. 

We will introduce you to Nik, a school headmaster and a family member to both dogs Dhilly & Dolly. Listen to Nik tell us his personal difficulties and rewards of spreading vegan awareness in school and share with us his touching stories that lead us to ask the questions - should we avoid pet shops and only rescue dogs in need? and how can we choose one animal worthy of life over another.

 *"If we can get to a point that society does consider it wrong to exploit and kill animals, it's no longer legally done for profit. I think that would be a realistic possibility and that's what I fight for" *

  • Chris Delforce, Dominion film Director